Brooke Gassiot

Sculptural Lighting Artist 


Brooke Gassiot grew up west of Austin, Texas on a 2000-acre ranch. Without television or urban distractions, her early years were filled with unstructured time, usually chasing armadillos, wading in a spring-fed swimming hole or herding her ten rabbits in the garden. Brooke’s father was a carpenter and her mother a textile artist and their family home was constantly being reinvented and built out, embedding a maker's mentality early on. As a teenager, after school, she would work alongside her mother in her textile studio painting silk, scrubbing tables and implementing designs.

Brooke received her Bachelor of Fine Arts with a focus on sculpture and painting from University of Texas at Austin in 2006. Her current work, a series of sculptural light boxes , video installations, and lighting design has been displayed at Lawndale Art Center in Houston, The Contemporary Austin, Blue Star Contemporary Art Museum and commissioned works for local businesses such as Juniper Restaurant and milk + honey spa. The Austin Chronicle chose her solo exhibition at Co-Lab Projects as the Top 10 Visual Arts for 2013. Gassiot is currently one of 20 founding members of ICOSA Collective gallery in East Austin and developing a new series of paper pulp and laser cut plexiglass chandeliers. 



Above all, I want people to feel something when they experience my work. Whether it is through light, video or sound, I want to grab the viewer's attention with an emotional immediacy. 

In my current series of light boxes, layers of material are set in a deep wooden box with an internal light source. It is by illumination that the works reveal their multi-faceted characters as forms appear, change and disappear. The light and shadow dictates the significance within the composition as well as reveals the internal realm of the box-- a miniature constructed space to peer into.